Sunday, August 18, 2013

Raw Seaweed Wraps

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Who needs sushi that's loaded with excess carbohydrates and sugar when you could be making and consuming these guys! 
Highly nutritious and ready within 10 minutes.

100% Raw Vegan 

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Mushrooms (experiment with varies types)
Fresh Chilli
Fresh mint

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Slice your sheets of seaweed into desired sizes.
Grate/slice the cucumber, mushroom, avocado & carrot, place onto the seaweed 1/4 down. Finely chop some chilli, ginger and mint. Sprinkle on top with a squeeze of lemon, Wrap it up and that's it! A simple delicious soulful nutritious snack or lunch. 
Now you try it :)

Why you should be including seaweed in your diet:

Not only is seaweed one of the natures most mineral-rich vegetables,  but there has been research into its medicinal properties, as well. Seaweed has traditionally been used to cure a variety of maladies in Ireland and Scotland, and Japan's low rate of breast cancer may be traced to the fact that the Japanese eat a great deal of seaweed. There have also been studies proven that seaweed has killed cancer cells in lab experiments, though research is still ongoing.

So why not add a little seaweed into your life.

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